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Dr. Raza Bokhari Delivers Speech Before U.S. Congressional Pakistan Caucus

Dr. Raza Bokhari delivered the following speech before the U.S. Congressional Pakistan Caucus in Washington, DC, October 20, 2005.It is indeed comforting to realize that the calamity of the destructive earthquake in Pakistan has urgently brought into congregation the congressional members of the Pakistan Caucus to engage exchange and better understand the overwhelming impact of this on Pakistan and act:1. For the sake of helping the people of Pakistan who are our front-line ally in our global war against terror2. For the sake of ensuring that the peace process put into motion in South Asia and in the Middle East by the President of Pakistan stay on track, AND3. For the sake of sustaining our own National Security in the United StatesThe devastation of the earthquake of October 8th 2005, continues to unfold; It is feared that the death toll may approach 100,000; over 3.3 million people have been displaced, while countless remain injured and emotional traumatized.President Musharraf in his broadcast said that "generations have been lost". Pakistan alone cannot handle disaster rescue, recovery and rehabilitation effort.I would like to compare this earthquake disaster with the Tsunami that had hit Asia last year in which over 125,000 had perished, and 1.5 million people were displaced; More than $10 billion world wide were mobilized to help Tsunami victims to recover and rehabilitate.The nationwide membership of Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee alongside numerous other Pakistani American community organizations and the Embassy of Pakistan have mobilized resources to help the earthquake victims; In less than two weeks, few million dollars have been raised that in some small way have begun to help the earthquake victims; World-wide around $700 million dollars have been pledged to provide relief.These dollar figures, while sizeable, unfortunately are not enough even to begin the healing process.It is paramount that United States Congress provides leadership and guidance to the people of Pakistan as to how they should respond to the social, economic, political and financial challenges; It is equally important the Congress immediately acts to at least:1. Appropriate $1 billion over the next three years to help earthquake victims repopulate, rehabilitate and revitalize;2. Provide Tax-deductible status to charitable donations being made to the "President of Pakistan Relief Fund" set-up by the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC3. Send an Open letter of awareness to major US Charitable foundations and humane organizations to afford keen attention to the earthquake victims in Pakistan.I thank you for your consideration.

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