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Impeaching President Musharraf -- Destined to Push Pakistan into Crisis and Put the World at Risk

The recent announcement of the ruling coalition in Pakistan to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Musharraf has propelled the political landscape of Pakistan onto unchartered and dangerous grounds that is undoubtedly going to further fuel instability, ignite insurgency, increase extremism, permeate Talibanization, protract lawlessness, cause flight of investment capital, and eventually result in the demise of democracy in Pakistan. The unelected leaders of the ruling coalition that are unintended beneficiaries of the National Reconciliation Ordinance decreed by President Musharraf last year seemingly do not understand that for democracy to become indelible in Pakistan, politics of unprovoked confrontation and personal vendetta must be avoided at all cost. In true democracy "agreement is not necessary, participation is." Current efforts to eliminate President Musharraf from the political equation at this critical juncture in Pakistan's history are synonymous with eliminating true democracy in Pakistan. This is an attempt to transition Pakistan from a benevolent military dictatorship to a reckless civilian dictatorship led by tried, tested and failed political leaders of the last decade.President Musharraf has demonstrated his desire to forge reconciliation and democracy by stepping down as the Chief of the Army, embracing participation from friends and foes alike in free and fair elections held earlier this year, and transferring complete executive control to the elected political government. It is imperative that the politicians do their part to ensure that this rekindled democracy in Pakistan gets a chance to flourish.Notwithstanding his humble demeanor and relatively diminished recognition, President Musharraf should not be discounted as easily dispensable. He has, over the past few years, emerged as a credible personality that shares the world stage with international leaders as a vanguard of hope for a better tomorrow. He has adeptly walked a very fine line in fighting terrorism and challenging terrorists in rugged terrains along the lawless Pak-Afghan border. President Musharraf's courageous and historic, albeit unpopular, decisions have helped erase the concerns of the western world that Pakistan is a rogue nation complicit in breeding terrorism. His abrupt and unceremonious departure could bring into question the safety of Pakistan's impressive nuclear arsenal, durability of peace in the Sub-continent and consensus building in the Middle East. As a minimum, it would definitely embolden extremists who would rejoice at the fall of a warrior who not only fought them with a personal vengeance, but kept them on the run and pushed them into hiding.It is a mistake for us not to recognize that catalyzing this unprovoked agitation against President Musharraf in the provincial assemblies of Pakistan and tabling an impeachment motion in the national parliament directly demonstrates agitation and opposition against the interests of the free world in the region. The eyes of the world are focused on Pakistan. Attempts to impeach President Musharraf are destined to push Pakistan into a crisis and put the world at risk.

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