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Dr. Raza Bokhari Delivers Speech to PAKPAC Annual Lunch with presidential candidate, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dr. Raza Bokhari delivered the following speech at the Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee annual lunch in Orlando, FL, June 30, 2007. Thank you Saud for that generous introduction and thank you Dr. Nadeem Kazi for those meaningful words....Today marks a really special day for the Pakistani American community and I am very proud that the next President of the United States, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is amongst us today.Senator, thank you for joining us. We in America all agree that the back bone of our vibrant economy is our small businesses, I for one also strongly believe that the backbone of our social fabric is our ethnically diverse immigrant minorities. Senator your presence here this afternoon gives me confidence that your presidency will better nurture and enable our immigrant minorities in fostering a stronger and better America that would continue to lead the world in building global consensus, reducing global warming, eliminating terrorism, and permeating freedom and democracy around the world.We as caregivers applaud your role in advancing stem-cell research and strongly believe that your leadership will fix social security, balance the budget, secure our borders, reform immigration, and above all provide preventive healthcare coverage to all Americans.President Eisenhower said and I quote, "Every gun that is made. Every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed". Senator Clinton.....almost the entire Pakistani American community believes that America is fighting an unnecessary war in Iraq and establishing an objective timeline of withdrawal is the only pathway of regaining the moral high ground in repositioning America as a responsible super power; we just cannot continue to destroy our image in the world, particularly amongst the one billion Muslims predominantly living in the middle-east. Before I continue I want to pause and acknowledge the presence of few special guests, which include congressman Benne Thompson, Congressman Al Green, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, and our own Ambassador of Pakistan to United States, HE Ambassador Mahmud Ali Durrani, thank you Mr. Ambassador for joining us this afternoon, you are a scholar and a statesman. We are proud to see you represent our motherland in our adopted homeland. We are eager to assist you in strengthening US-Pakistan relations; we are particularly keen to help you in promoting a better understanding in America, the pivotal role President Musharraf continues to play in fighting global terrorism, and creating regional peace in south Asia. Currently, there are prevailing concerns in America regarding the ongoing differences of President Musharraf's Government with the judiciary in Pakistan and some amongst us fear that this crisis may derail the upcoming free and fair elections. We are confident that President Musharraf will do the right thing to continue to enhance the softer and responsible image of Pakistan on the global stage, for there is nothing wrong with Pakistan that cannot be cured with what is right in Pakistan. I want to end by asserting that it is only in America you can dream big dreams and dreams do come true; The Pakistani American community, which is rapidly approaching One million in number, is blessed by many success stories of "living the American dream" in peace and prosperity; it is however very disconcerting that we as a community remain very apprehensive of becoming a target of hate crime on account of ongoing terrorist threats; I want to use this opportunity to express and reaffirm that just like our motherland, Pakistan, which is a front-line ally of the United States in this global war against terrorism, the Pakistani American community is in the forefront working with local and federal law enforcement and surveillance agencies to ensure that our nation is not attacked again by terrorists of any sort; we hold our adopted homeland very sacred and cannot tolerate any acts of violence against America at home or abroad. Our community members are caregivers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, small business owners, blue-collar workers, in short, we are part and parcel of our vibrant economy and do not appreciate being singled out at security check-points across United States; so I urge you senator Clinton that as you take oath of high office on January 20th 2009, you will consider disbanding the intelligent profiling prevalent in the department of homeland security which could wrongly target the Pakistani American community. This so called intelligent profiling is nothing else but racial profiling; It is a violation of our civil liberties, which we like all Americans cherish and are resolved to preserve and protect. Thank you.

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